How to add your restaurant to OpenTable

In this 4-minute read:

  • Why use OpenTable
  • How to add your restaurant to OpenTable
  • About optional OpenTable services

OpenTable leads the industry in online restaurant reservations. On average, this trusted platform seats 128 million people per month in restaurants worldwide. 

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To take advantage of the opportunities OpenTable can provide your restaurant, you need to add your listing to their website. 

Why use OpenTable for your restaurant

OpenTable helps local consumers find top-rated restaurants near them. When someone is looking for a new place to dine, this is a common place they will go to look. 

Here are some of the cool benefits that OpenTable can provide to your restaurant:

  • Reserve more seats and increase revenue with their marketing platform
  • Improve customer relationships and gather online ratings
  • Full-service solution helps you market, manage, and operate your restaurant
  • Free online training for OpenTable services with professionals in the restaurant industry
  • OpenTable partners with Yelp, Google, and other directories to allow customers to book reservations from these sites

Restaurants pay OpenTable a monthly subscription fee for their full-service plan, which includes electronic reservation software, customer support, and unlimited upgrades, along with a one-time installation fee that covers on-site installation of the software and training for employees. 

Another option (which is also included with their full-service plan) is to only use the reservation capabilities. For this, they charge a $1.00-$2.50 fee per seat booked on OpenTable (and other online directories) or $0.25 per seat booked through your website (via OpenTable’s software). But for most restaurants, it only takes three reservations to break even on the monthly costs of this plan. 

You don’t have to take advantage of all of OpenTable’s products and services to create your listing, but it’s nice to know that these capabilities are available to you—and if you need a little extra help with marketing, they have some great tools!

How to create or claim your restaurant’s OpenTable profile

In this section, we’ll take you through each step of adding your restaurant to OpenTable. There are two options for doing this: suggest your restaurant to OpenTable or submit your restaurant’s information to OpenTable through their form. 

Option 1 – Suggest your restaurant to OpenTable

With this option, you can suggest your restaurant to be added to OpenTable’s directory. This form is intended for customers to add their favorite restaurants to OpenTable, and your restaurant can be your favorite!

Just add the following information and hit submit:

  • Restaurant name
  • Restaurant city and state
  • Restaurant zip (optional)
  • Why this restaurant should be on OpenTable (optional)

At the end of the form it asks, “May we share this info with the restaurant?” If you check yes, OpenTable will try to pass this form onto you to show that customers are interested in your restaurant. Feel free to check “no” on this to keep them from sending you your own information. 

Option 2 – Submit your restaurant to OpenTable through their website

Go to OpenTable’s site for restaurateurs and click “Get Started” to fill out their form, or call their customer support line at (866) 951-7154.

You’ll need to provide the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Restaurant name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Restaurant city, state, zip, and country

After you’ve completed the form and submitted it, OpenTable will contact you via email or phone to provide more information about their services. You don’t need to opt-in to their services in order to get listed in their directory. 

OpenTable will list any restaurant in their directory for free, but if you want to have full access to make changes to your restaurant’s profile and use OpenTable’s online reservation tools, you’ll have to subscribe to their services. 

In order to update your listing information without paying for OpenTable’s services, you can email

Optional OpenTable features

OpenTable has three main products they offer to restaurants that join their network. Here’s a little more information about them so you can decide if you’d like to try them out. 

  1. Electronic Reservation Book

The most common product on OpenTable is its Electronic Reservation Book (ERB). This tool handles all reservations online and in-store, allowing you to see your floor plan to better manage seating arrangements for customers. 

  1. Connect Service

This solution allows you to connect your online booking capabilities to different platforms, like Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and more. You can accept and track reservations across these different websites through a mobile app or on your desktop computer. 

  1. GuestCenter Plan

This is OpenTable’s full-service package. They provide reservation management along with shift summaries for employees, multiple table management, and the ability to create guest profiles. You can also integrate it with your POS system and get real-time analytics and reporting. 

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