How to add and claim your restaurant on Zomato

In this 4-minute read:

  • Why you should add your restaurant to Zomato
  • How to create and claim your Zomato listing
  • How to get reviews on Zomato

Want your restaurant to get found by more customers? Then you definitely want to go to Zomato and register your restaurant. 

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Zomato, formerly known as UrbanSpoon, is a popular restaurant review platform that customers use to tell others about their experiences with their favorite (or least favorite) restaurants. 

Why add your restaurant to Zomato

It’s important to add your business to as many listing sites as possible. This helps improve your online invisibility and gets your restaurant in front of more hungry customers.

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Once you’ve added your restaurant to Zomato, they have some cool premium features that you can take advantage of:

  • Advertising on Zomato’s platform for more exposure
  • Merchant widgets to help you get bookings and prompt user interaction

How to create and claim your Zomato restaurant listing

Let’s get your restaurant added to Zomato!

Step 1: Create a Zomato account

Go to and click “Create an account.”

Continue with Facebook or Google, or click “Sign up” to register with another email address.

Enter your full name and email address, check the agreement box, and click “Register.”

Step 2: Go to Zomato for businesses

First, let’s visit to take you directly to the place where you can add your restaurant. 

Before you get started, search for your restaurant in Zomato’s directory with the search bar on this page. Type in your city in the first bar and then your restaurant’s name in the second bar, and click the red button next to the search bars. 

If your restaurant shows up in Zomato’s directory, proceed to Step 3 (Option 1) to claim and update your listing. 

If your restaurant is not in Zomato’s directory, proceed to Step 3 (Option 2) to add and claim your restaurant on Zomato. 

Step 3 (Option 1): Update and claim your existing Zomato listing

When you search for your restaurant, you’ll be provided with a list of restaurants to choose from. If you see your restaurant, click “Claim this restaurant.”

A module will pop up. Click “Claim this business.”

Then, you’ll be taken through the 4 steps to verify your restaurant:

  1. Get started – Click “Yes, I am the owner/manager of this business.” Click “Get Started.”
  2. Phone access – Verify that you have a phone number. 
  3. Auto verification – Zomato has an automatic verification tab for applicable restaurants.
  4. Contact details – Provide your contact information and registered business name with a document that proves you are the business owner. 

Zomato may skip one or two of these steps automatically depending on the information that they already have for your restaurant. 

Click “Send claim request” in step 4 and Zomato will contact you when your claim has been approved. Then you’ll have full access to your Zomato listing. 

Step 2 (Option 3): Add and claim your restaurant on Zomato

If you don’t see your restaurant in Zomato’s directory, scroll down to “Cannot find your Restaurant?” and click “Add a restaurant.”

You’ll then be taken to a page where you can add your restaurant’s basic information. On this page, include the following:

  • Restaurant name
  • City
  • If you’re the owner or manager
  • Phone number
  • If your restaurant is already open or opening soon

Click “Add more info” to add additional information about your restaurant that will be helpful to customers like:

  • Map location
  • Serves alcohol or not
  • Which meals you serve (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.)
  • Seating availability
  • Payments accepted
  • Type of food
  • Tags
  • Open hours
  • Restaurant email
  • Website

We recommend filling out your restaurant profile as completely as possible because customers want to know everything they can about your restaurant when they are searching for a new place to eat. 

Click “Add restaurant” when you have finished adding your information. 

Zomato will redirect you to your new restaurant profile page. You’ll see a notice at the top that says “This listing is awaiting moderation,” which means that Zomato needs to approve your page before publicly displaying it to customers. 

When your Zomato listing is approved, you will be notified and your listing will be done. 

How to get reviews on Zomato

The next thing you’ll want to do once your Zomato listing is live is start working to get customer reviews on the platform. 

Here are a few ways you can get customer reviews on Zomato:

  • Ask customers to leave you a review
  • Post signage in your restaurant that says “Leave us a review on Zomato”
  • Include instructions and a URL to leave reviews for your listing on customer receipts

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