Best time tracking tools for your remote workforce: features and pricing

In this 5-minute read:

  • Best time tracking resources for small businesses
  • Employee hour tracking and reporting tools, pricing, and features
  • Other remote tools to help your team

Do you have a few team members who are working from home? Or maybe you are able to allow your entire team to work from home? Either way, if you don’t have an online resource for them to clock their time, that can become difficult to track. 

There are a number of tools that you should have handy for your remote workforce, and a way to track their time should be right at the top of that list. We’ve found a few of the top time tracking tools for remote workers to help you get started. 

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Best ways to clock employee hours remotely

These resources will all allow your employees to track their hours online so that you can make sure they are getting paid for their time as they work away from the office. 


Clockify is a completely free time tracking app that your remote employees can use to clock their hours. It allows your employees to track their hours with a timer in the app, categorize their time by project, and mark time as billable. 

Other features include:

  • Reporting with visual time breakdowns and customizable reports
  • Set employee hourly rates
  • Monitor employee activity
  • See who’s working on which projects
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Apps and integrations

You’re likely to get by with just the free version, but if you do need some more advanced features, Clockify also offer three paid plans:

Plus: $9.99/month

This includes the ability to lock time sheets, hide time from other users on your team, set required fields, create branded reports, and set reminders. 

Premium: $29.99/month

Premium includes all of the Plus features and includes the ability to add time for others, create project templates, set alerts, bulk edit hours, hides pages, and set automatic locks. 

Enterprise: $9.99/month per user seat

The Enterprise option includes all of the Premium features along with a custom subdomain, control accounts, custom fields, labor cost and profit, time approval, and single sign-on. 


Toggl has three different tools to help remote and in-office businesses: time tracking, project management, and candidate screening. We’ll only go into detail on their time tracking tool, toggl track, but if you need an all-in-one solution, this may be a good place to start. 

Toggl track features:

  • Apps for web, desktop, and mobile
  • Browser extensions
  • Ability to clock time offline
  • Calendar integration
  • Autotracker (gives reminders to switch time entries based on the software you’re using)
  • Over 100 app integrations
  • Detailed reports
  • Time rounding
  • Project and revenue tracking
  • Assign billable rates by project, team member, or workspace
  • Get alerts as projects reach quoted time to help stay on budget
  • Team scheduling and management

Toggl track has four different pricing plans, including a free version. 


This is available for up to 5 users. It includes the basic features with the apps, time-tracking, autotracker, reports, and integrations. 

Starter: $9/user per month

Starter includes everything in free plus billable rates, time rounding, saved reports, time estimates, project templates and the calendar integration. 

Premium: $18/user per month

Premium includes all of the Starter features along with scheduled reports, project dashboard, admin dashboard, time audits, required fields, and time tracking reminders. 

Enterprise: Custom pricing

The Enterprise plan includes all of the previous features plus priority customer support, expert training, and customizable solutions. 


RescueTime is a time tracking solution that provides distraction-blocking software to help employees become more productive. When someone needs to focus, they can set a “focus time” (let’s say for the first two hours of the day before their first break) and the software will prevent them from accessing any of their distracting websites. They can set this list to include what is distracting for them. 

Other features include:

  • Automatic time tracking
  • Detailed reports, trends, and insights
  • One-click offline time tracking
  • App integrations
  • Set smart goals and real-time alerts

RescueTime is not employee monitoring software though, so in order for you to see your employees’ time, they will have to share it with you. 

RescueTime only has one paid plan, and that is $6/month per team member. You can also sign each team member up to receive the time management training for $99/team member (this is a one-time fee). 


Tempo is a time tracking solution that was built to integrate with project management solutions like Jira and Zendesk. Large entities like Disney, Hulu, and Office Depot use Tempo for their employees. 

Tempo has four different products that you can include with your subscription: Timesheets, Planner, Cost Tracker, and Prime Timesheet. 

Features of Tempo Timesheets:

  • Timesheets
  • Google and Microsoft calendar integrations
  • Billable time
  • Custom reports
  • Automated suggestions

Tempo has customized pricing solutions based on the products you choose, the number of users you have, and where you plan to install the software (Cloud, Server, or Data Center). Check out their pricing calculator to get a quote for your company’s needs. 

Do you need a project management app? Check this out: 5 best project management solutions for small businesses 

Other helpful resources for your remote team

Time tracking isn’t the only tool that will come in handy for your remote team. Check out these resources to start building your remote toolbelt. 

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