9 events that every New York, NY small business should know about in 2020

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  • Events for businesses in New York in 2020

Most places have local and regional events they are known for. From a public relations and exposure standpoint, it’s a great idea for you to be aware of the local and national events that your small business can participate in for your area. 

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That’s why we’ve put together this list of top events that every New York City small business should know about this year. See which events make sense for your business and gain great exposure to help grow your business. 

NYC Restaurant Week 

When: January 21-February 9, 2020

NYC Restaurant Week is huge for the local food industry. Even if you aren’t able to become a participating “member” you can jump on the bandwagon of publicity that this event receives. 

On your social channels, shout out to @nycrestaurantweek on Instagram and use relevant hashtags to help your restaurant show up among the rest. Offer special deals to entice new customers. If your business isn’t a restaurant, you can still celebrate this week of events by participating on social media through with company events or partnering with local restaurants. 

And see if you can participate as a member next year! Submit the application form to become a member at business.nycgo.com

Future Festival New York

When: March 12, 2020

Future Festival New York focuses on innovation of technology for the coming year. Join top innovators like NY Times Best Seller Jeremy Gutsche to learn more about consumer trends and technological advances for 2020. 

Your company will receive $4000 worth of presentation materials, Jeremy Gutsche’s new book “Create the Future + The Innovation Handbook,” and an Innovation Assessment to determine how well prepared your business is for this future of technology. 

Interested in attending? You can get more info and purchase tickets at futurefestival.com

DigiMarCon East 2020

When: May 7-8, 2020

DigiMarCon is the digital marketing conference that you need to be a part of. Especially focused, but not excluded to, agencies, publishers, and technology providers, your company can network with the largest digital talents from across the globe. 

Learn more about coming social media trends, advertising, SEO, content marketing, and the future of augmented and virtual reality in terms of digital marketing. 

Gain brand recognition, showcase your products, and build relationships with relevant partners in your industry. 

Register now at digimarconeast.com

Adobe 99U Conference

When: June 3-5, 2020

Adobe holds an annual creative conference for individuals and businesses to further develop their creative talents. You and your team can attend workshops and masterclasses with top professionals in the creative industry. 

Learn how to better present your ideas, market your business, and the best partnerships to build to enhance your creative landscape. 

Learn more and register for the NYC conference at conference.99u.com

Small Business Expo New York City

When: June 4, 2020

Don’t miss America’s largest business-to-business networking event in New York City this year. This event is all about connecting with other entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups. Gain valuable connections, attend workshops, and acquire new information from the keynote speakers. 

This event is free for business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in starting their own business. The workshops and presentations focus on everything from marketing and SEO to legal tips and financial obligations. 

Sign up to attend this event at eventsinamerica.com.

New Jersey Festival of Ballooning

When: July 24-26, 2020

People come from all over North America to see the New Jersey Festival of Ballooning. Your small business can get involved by becoming a vendor or sponsoring the event and sharing it on your website and social media channels. 

image of balloons for the New York New Jersey balloon festival

The hot air balloons start in Readington, NJ and make their way to Brooklyn, NY. The Festival is currently looking for new sponsors. For more information, you can reach out to Howard Freeman at hfreeman@balloonfestival.com or check back on their website frequently for updates. 

New Jersey Festival of Ballooning website: http://www.balloonfestival.com/

New York State Fair

When: August 26-September 7, 2020

Even though this event is held in Syracuse, it’s a statewide celebration that all businesses should get excited about—especially if you are in the food or retail industry. 

The New York State Fair will start accepting vendor applications for 2020 on January 22*. Gain new exposure for your business as consumers from all over the state attend this event. Make new connections with other vendors and capitalize on the social media opportunities that come with participating in an event like this. 

For more information about becoming a vendor at the New York State Fair, please visit nysfair.ny.gov.

*This date is mentioned on their website but is subject to change. 

World Business Forum NYC

When: October 20-21, 2020

The World Business Forum is held in different cities across the world each year, and this year an event will be held in New York City. Meet with like-minded individuals across all industries and unite in your passion for business. 

Learn from world-renowned CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, and sportspeople sharing their experiences in the business world. 

Find more information and purchase tickets at wobi.com.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

When: November 26, 2020

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has entertained Americans on Thanksgiving for decades and is not going away anytime soon. Hosted annually by Macy’s in Thanksgiving, the parade offer participants nationally televised exposure and great PR opportunities. 

Not anyone can participate in this event. You must have some affiliation with Macy’s or other related sponsors of the event. If you do have a relationship with Macy’s or its affiliates, then you should definitely reach out to see if you are eligible to participate in this long-standing national event. 

Learn more at macys.com.

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