8 reputation management solutions for auto repair shops

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Have you ever gotten a bad review from a customer and thought “what in the world do I do now?” You wouldn’t be the only one. Sometimes customers just have bad days (and having to spend money on a car repair doesn’t help), but sometimes they legitimately had a poor experience at your auto shop. Either way, you should be in the loop when a bad review happens and know how to handle it. 

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Bad customer reviews aren’t always a bad thing to have on your online review platforms (learn why bad reviews are good for your business), but too many of them can impact your revenue. That’s why we’ve put together this list of reputation management solutions that can help your auto repair shop succeed at getting and responding to your online reviews. 

Go deeper: learn how to respond to negative reviews

Google notifications

Let’s start with something you can do yourself. If you’re getting reviews on Google, that means you have a Google My Business listing. Once you have claimed your Google listing, you can see all of the reviews your auto shop has received and respond to them. By default, the email you have associated with your Google My Business account will be set up to receive notifications anytime your listing gets a new review. 

This solution will only be successful if you or an employee are determined and committed to keeping track of and responding to all reviews that come in. If your inbox tends to fill up quickly and you often miss emails, then one of the other solutions on this list might be better for your business. You don’t want a negative review to go unnoticed. 


DemandForce is your all-in-one scheduling and reputation management software with a special emphasis in the automotive industry. Their services include text reminders for maintenance services, surveying customers and pushing customer reviews to Google, competitor tracking, reactivating lost customers, and monitoring your online listings. They have a large emphasis on keeping as much of this automated so that the system does most of the work for you. 


With review monitoring, review acquisition, listings monitoring, reputation management, social media marketing, customer satisfaction surveys, competitor analysis and so much more, ReviewTrackers is a great resource to keep in your digital marketing tool belt. Trusted by the 50,000 companies that they help every day, this is definitely a source that can help your auto repair shop improve its reputation.  


BirdEye is used by more than 50,000 companies worldwide. Their solution helps you to quickly respond to negative feedback and allows you to reply directly to every review you receive across multiple websites right within their platform. BirdEye also helps you to weed out the spammy and negative reviews when you send your customers invitations to review your auto shop so that you can keep the positive reviews flowing and business booming. 


With trusted business partners like GM, Jaguar, and Ford, Reputation.com is quite familiar in the automotive industry. They are all about getting your business found in the search engines, keeping your online reputation in check so you get chosen by customers, and improving the overall customer experience by collecting feedback through surveys and giving you the best suggestions to grow your business.


Womply works with local businesses throughout the U.S. across numerous industries—auto repair shops included. Small local businesses are the bread and butter of this nation’s economy, and that’s who Womply was created to serve. 

Here are just three examples of how Womply helps local auto service shops maximize revenue, improve customer relationships, and grow their business:

Womply’s reputation management solutions allow you to see and respond to your reviews from dozens of online review platforms all from the same place. You can invite happy customers to leave reviews, post automatic replies, and get notifications when someone mentions your business online. Womply keeps you in the loop about your auto shop so you are never caught off guard. 

With AI and data-driven analytics, Womply helps you keep track of your revenue trends, customers, business mentions, and even analyzes your competitors to give you the best advantage for growth. 

Want to learn more? Request a free demo of Womply’s reputation management software. 

Reputation Loop

Another great solution created just for local business owners like you, Reputation Loop has a proven formula to help your auto shop get more reviews and keep your customers happy. More than 10,000 local businesses trust Reputation Loop with their online reputations. 

The specialists at Reputation Loop are highly versed in the everyday matters of local businesses and emphasize a hands off approach for business owners so they can put their focus elsewhere. Features like listings management, social media marketing, real time reporting, review monitoring, employee performance, and other software integrations keep your business’s reputation exactly where you want it. 


BizShield is a little different from these other solutions in that their approach is less on digital marketing and more on online threat detection for your business. Their solution works 24/7 to track negative reviews online, prevent inaccurate information across directory websites, monitor your competition, check for broken links on your website, and check for other cyber security threats. 

Save time and get better results with reputation management software

It’s hard for any business to keep track of every mention of their brand, watch for and respond to reviews, and keep up a good online appearance—all while trying to manage a physical storefront. Make it easier for yourself with an online reputation management solution. Your auto shop deserves your full attention, and there are plenty of options out there to help. 

Womply is the #1 reputation management solution for small local businesses, and we’re happy to help! Request a free demo of our reputation management software with the form below. 


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