10 helpful small business resources in Houston, TX

In this 5-minute read:

  • Top local business resources for Houston area 

Starting your own business can be a challenge, but you don’t have to do it alone. There a plenty of local and national business resources that are available to help small business owners like you get started and find success. 

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Houston, Texas has tons of local business resources to help you. Take advantage of the organizations near you that have the resources and capability to help take your business to the next level. 

Throughout this article, we’ll give you the top local business resources the Houston area has to offer. You’ll find them broken out into five different categories:

  • Comprehensive business resources
  • Business courses and advisors
  • Financial resources
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Hiring and employment resources

Comprehensive business resources in Houston

Comprehensive business resources are one-stop organizations that can provide almost everything a small business owner might need.

They’ll help you with securing funds for your startup, finding great mentors, direct you to local workshops and trainings, and even provide resources for marketing and employee trainings. 

Small Business Administration (SBA)

The SBA is a national organization that was set up to help entrepreneurs get access to the resources they need to start their business. The SBA will provide funding programs, local workshops, help you find advisors, and more. 

They also have great information on their website, including a complete business guide with information about market research, how to write a business plan, choosing your business name, how to get the proper licensing, everything about managing your business, and more. 

Reach out to your local Houston office for more information:

Houston District Office
8701 S. Gessner Drive Suite 1200
Houston, TX

Phone: (713) 773-6500
Website: www.sba.gov

Office of Business Opportunity Solutions Center (OBOSC)

This center is a resource for new and established business owners looking for some additional assistance. They provide information on local, state, and federal regulations that may affect your business. 

They also offer no-cost programs and services to help small businesses find success. Some of those services include:

  • Professional assistance with permits, licensing, and fee schedules
  • One-on-one business counseling
  • Info about MWSBE certification
  • Resources and business planning materials

Contact the OBOSC:

OBO Solutions Center
611 Walker Street, 7th Floor
Houston, TX 77002

Phone: (832) 393-0954
Email: obosc@houstontx.gov
Website: houstontx.gov

Business courses and advisors in the Houston, TX area

You can find specific classes and advisors to help you grow in the area of business that you’d like to develop your skillset in. Look to these resources to find out what courses and industry advisors are near you. 


SCORE is the nation’s largest network of free business advisors. The Houston office will guide you toward expert mentors that are within your industry and closeby so you don’t have to travel far. You can also low to no-cost workshops near you and gain access to SCORE’s templates and tools. 

Some of the templates and tools SCORE provides include:

  • Startup checklist
  • Business plan templates
  • How to select the right legal structure
  • SBA loan program information
  • Important phone numbers

Contact your Houston office today:

Houston SCORE
8701 S. Gessner Drive #1200
Houston, Tx, 77074

Phone: (713) 487-6565
Email: scorehouston@gmail.com
Website: houston.score.org

Financial resources for Houston area businesses

Sometimes you just don’t have the capital you need to get your dream business started. That’s where these financial resources can help. 


LiftFund is a nonprofit that helps small businesses secure funding when they might not otherwise have the opportunity to do so. Their services include business and financial training, startup loans for up to $50,000, small business loans up to $1 million, and SBA 504 loan program. 

Contact their Houston office:

LiftFund in Houston
3300 Chimney Rock, Suite 104
Houston, TX 77056

Phone: 1 (888) 215-2373
Email: houston@liftfund.com
Website: houston.liftfund.com

Houston Business Development, Inc (HBDi)

HBDi is a nonprofit organization dedicated to financing the growth of small businesses in the Houston area. They seek to contribute to the economic growth of their community by helping entrepreneurs get their start. 

This organization offers loan programs and borrower services and works closely with banks and commercial lenders to provide bridge financing. 

Reach out:

Houston Business Development, Inc
5330 Griggs Rd
Houston, TX 77021

Phone: (713) 845-2400
Email: info@hbdinc.org
Website: www.hbdi.org

Houston chambers of commerce

Chambers of commerce are networks of business owners and professionals that have a common goal of further the economic development of their communities. Most chambers provide networking opportunities with other business owners, local events, marketing resources, publicity, and other resources for small businesses. 

Learn more: Chamber of commerce basics: what they do and why you should join

Become a member of one (or more) of your local Houston chambers.

Houston Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

5100 Westheimer Rd, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77056

Phone: (713) 666-1521
Email: info@houstonmetrocc.org
Website: https://houstonmetrocc.org/

Houston West Chamber of Commerce

10375 Richmond Ave., Suite 265
Houston, TX 77042

Phone: (713) 785-4922
Email: info@hwcoc.org
Website: https://business.hwcoc.org/

Greater Houston Partnership

701 Avenida de las Americas, Suite 900
Houston, TX 77010

Phone: (713) 844-3600
Email: ghp@houston.org
Website: https://www.houston.org/

Hiring and employment resources for businesses in Houston, TX

If you’re having a hard time finding the right people to hire for your business as it grows, then you might want to look to one of Houston’s many staffing agencies. They will interview and send you qualified candidates for your open positions. 

From most of these places, you’ll be able to hire employees permanently if you feel they are a good fit for your company. 

Here are the agencies we recommend starting with. 

Murray Resources

800 Gessner Road, Suite 170
Houston, Texas 77024

Phone: (713) 935-0009
Email: employers@murrayresources.com
Website: https://murrayresources.com/


2401 Fountain View, Suite 800
Houston, Texas 77057

Phone: (713) 952-6760
Email: info@executeam.com
Website: https://www.executeam.com/

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