10 fun and creative virtual team building activities to boost morale

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  • How you can benefit from virtual team building activities
  • 10 fun and effective virtual team building activities

Working from home alone, even with all its benefits, can start to become monotonous and a little boring. It can be hard to stay productive without the support of an in-house team, so it’s important to find ways to boost productivity and get a little break from the daily workflow every now and then. 

The virtual team building activities we’ve listed below can help. Give some of them a try or come up with your own activities to give your team a little break.

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Why you need to be doing virtual team building activities with your remote employees

If you aren’t doing virtual team building activities yet, it’s not too late to start! Just like holding team building activities with an on-site team, hold similar activities with your remote team can have many benefits:

  • Help provide support to workers who may start to feel lonely or isolated
  • Reignite your employees’ passion and productivity by giving them a fun break from monotonous tasks
  • Build trust among remote employees that haven’t met each other in person (or that haven’t seen each other in a while due to current circumstances)

Ultimately these activities help break the ice with your team members, increase productivity, and invite a little fun into their world of remote working. 

Fun and creative virtual team-building activities

Try some of these activities to get your employees engaged with one another and refuel their passion for their job. 

  1. Co-working

Have your employees work together for a day (or even just an hour or two), but virtually! Get everyone to log on to a Skype, Zoom, or Google video call just to have someone there to talk to throughout the day and bounce ideas off of. 

  1. Just for fun group chat

Start a group chat or Slack channel specifically devoted to fun. This can be memes, funny videos, interesting tidbits about their day, or whatever they want. This can help break the ice between coworkers and give them a chance to get to know one another. 

  1. Bring-your-pet-to-work-day

Remote working is the perfect situation for bring-your-pet-to-work-day. Set up a video call where everyone can introduce their pets. Everyone loves to talk about their own pet, and it will be so fun to see all of the cuteness!

  1. Paint and sip

Do a virtual paint night with your team. Have everyone grab their beverage of choice and a paintbrush and get artsy. Sites like paintingparties.com will let you hold online painting parties. 

  1. Virtual after-work hangout

Hold a virtual hangout where everyone grabs their favorite drink or snack and hops onto a video call just to chat. Hold this once a week as an optional hangout for anyone who wants to join. 

  1. Mid-morning break

Hold a 15-30 minute meeting during work hours to let everyone get a break from their daily workload. This allows team members to mingle during the day and just let go for a minute to get a nice refresh to move forward for the rest of the day. 

  1. Trivia party

Get everyone together for a trivia party. Set up teams and have them ask each other the questions. You can find tons of trivia lists online. Have a prize for the winners, like restaurant certificates or letting them choose the next virtual activity. 

  1. Netflix Party

Your team can all watch a movie together at the same time without the lag of sharing it via a screenshare. Use Netflix Party to host a virtual movie party. You can all send messages in the app while watching the movie or show of your choosing too! 

  1. Play games with Houseparty

Houseparty is an app that allows up to eight people to video chat in a “room.” Your team can each add the app to their phone and add each other as friends. Through the app, you can play games like Heads Up!, Trivia, Quick Draw, and Chips and Guac. Just tap on a game and add your coworkers to play too. 

  1. Hold a “lunch and learn”

With your team, decide on a topic that you can hold a virtual learning session on during your lunch hour. Maybe you want everyone to be able to help with social media or other marketing efforts. Hold a meeting with some subject matter experts to allow your team to ask questions and learn more about the topic. 

If you have the capacity to do so, consider having DoorDash deliver lunch to everyone. 

Whatever you do, make it fun and give your team a chance to refresh! Maybe for your first virtual activity have a brainstorming session to talk about ongoing virtual activities that your team can do to get them excited about it. 

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