10 free online resources for hair and nail salons

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  • Free resources with marketing tips for your salon
  • Free resources with the latest industry news and trends
  • Free resources to help your salon grow your client base

Owning your own salon is a lot of work, and everything that goes into just getting started can create several challenges. Not only do you have to keep the lights on and the everyday aspects of the business running, but you also need to advertise and market your hair or nail salon to get new customers. 

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Know this: you are not alone. Salon owners and experts all over the world have shared their experiences and knowledge to help others like you on their journey toward entrepreneurial independence. And we’ve taken the time to gather some of their blogs and online resources to provide you with a library of knowledge as you get your business started.

1. Salon Today

Salon Today is a magazine that focuses on helping salon and spa owners to succeed in their businesses. With their online platform, they offer tons of advice in regards to marketing your salon, salon management, technologies you should be using, and even the design of your salon. 

Some of their articles do require you to sign up to finish reading (which is still free), but they offer plenty of articles without this as well. 

3 must-reads from Salon Today:

2. Salon Owners Collective

Salon Owners Collective is an online community that was created to inspire and empower salon owners worldwide. It is their mission to help salon owners turn their dreams into a reality that can last a lifetime. 

They put together podcasts with successful salon owners that they interview, share marketing tips, and even offer a few freebies like a strategic marketing planner and their “Freedom & Profit Formula” for growing your salon. 

3 must-reads (or listens) on Salon Owners Collective:

3. Salon Plaza

Salon Plaza is another online community that offers resources for helping dreamers become salon owners. They offer franchising opportunities to salon professionals and help with everything from finding a location to marketing the business. 

With dedicated professionals sharing their expertise to help get your business off the ground, there is plenty of good to be found here. Even if you already own a salon or don’t want to become a member of this organization, their blog has tons of great insights you can gain from. 

3 must-reads on Salon Plaza:

4. Sola Salon Studios

Sola Salon Studios provides salon professionals with fully-equipped studios and everything that they need to start their own salon. With this organization, beauty professionals can become an owner of one of the franchises, and Sola does everything they can to ensure success. 

Because they’ve helped more than 400 salons get started across the United States, they have a pretty large knowledge base that they can pull from to create sweet resources for salon owners like you. 

3 must-reads from Sola:

5. SalonBot

SalonBot is a chatbot service that integrates Facebook messenger with salon websites. It is tailored specifically to beauty professionals to help them book appointments, share answers to common questions, and more. 

SalonBot is familiar with the industry, and thus, even if you choose not to use their cool service, they still want to provide salon owners everywhere with some unique insights into marketing their businesses. 

3 must-reads from SalonBot:

6. Modern Salon

Modern Salon is all about keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest trends in the beauty industry. Get new tips on trending styles, colors, the best extensions to use, and so much more. 

Modern Salon wants to help beauty professionals every step of the way, whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned expert. They offer educational articles and inspiration to help you find yourself in the industry. 

3 must-reads on Modern Salon:

7. American Salon

American Salon started 141 years ago and has adapted over the years to be one of the best beauty magazines there is for helping salon owners like you. With more than 1.4 million readers, they are committed to providing valuable content that helps you succeed. 

Whether you are a hairstylist or nail technician, they provide tons of articles catered specifically to building your salon, trending styles, and marketing. They also have several videos and podcasts to show you new tricks and styles. 

3 must-reads from American Salon:

8. Beauty Cast Network

Beauty Cast Network was created to help place beauty students and professionals find their roles in the industry and to help salon owners find the right stylists for their team. They are a career placement network. 

But beyond their core goal, they also offer several sweet resources for salon professionals all across the board. Split into four categories: employers, professionals, schools, and students; their blog is all about offering the most helpful advice specific to each reader. 

3 must-reads on Beauty Cast Network:

9. Millennium Systems International

Millennium Systems International offers technology solutions to help salons and spas with online booking, payments, marketing, setting goals and conversions, security, resource management, educational courses, and much more. 

Millennium is very familiar with “the business side of beauty” as the like to put it. Beyond their software solutions, they have great articles that can help you to grow your salon. 

3 must-reads from Millennium Systems International:

10. Behind the Chair

Behind the Chair strives to keep salon owners and stylists everywhere up to date with the latest industry news, from new products and trends to advice from the top stylists. Get inspiration with their galleries, find great tutorials, and get formulas for your clients’ favorite hair colors. 

3 must-reads from Behind the Chair:

Be sure to check out some (or all) of these resources to continue increasing your knowledge on what you do best!

As you improve your trade and impress your clients, be sure to ask them to leave you a review. And if you need help acquiring reviews from your clients, you can always give reputation management software a try. Learn more, plus get free reputation monitoring and customer insights when you sign up for Womply Free!


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