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Womply Leadership - Kathy Razvan

Kathy Razvan

Director of Talent Acquisition

Kathy Razvan leads and manages the development and execution of Womply’s recruiting strategy. She’s responsible for aligning recruitment with the company’s current and future business objectives and growth strategies, including reinforcing Womply’s corporate culture. Working in partnership with key business leaders and functions, Kathy leads development, execution and anchoring of innovative sourcing and recruiting programs to help Womply attract and retain top talent.

Kathy joined Womply in January of 2018. She brings over 25 years of talent acquisition experience, ranging from a small, 30-person startup to talent leadership at Salesforce, where she helped the company grow from 5,000 employees to more than 20,000 while building scalable recruiting practices and integrating teams from various mergers and acquisitions.

After immigrating to the U.S., Kathy’s family owned several small businesses. From the age of 14, she experienced first-hand the joys and hardships that come with entrepreneurship. Kathy is passionate about Womply’s mission to help small businesses thrive in a digital world.

Kathy has dual bachelor’s degrees from San Francisco State University in child psychology and speech & communication. Kathy enjoys traveling to exotic locations, getting to know locals and learning about different cultures. Kathy is joined on these adventures by her husband and son.

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