Monthly Archives: February 2020

Your customers want to know more about you: keep your business info updated

In this 6-minute read: Online directories Website Social media Search engines It’s not enough just to have your business “online.” …

Feb 29, 2020

Orlando: top small business resources to help you thrive

In this 5-minute read: 11 best local business resources for Orlando area Several organizations recognize that small businesses are the …

Feb 28, 2020

Why–and when–you should use traditional advertising for your small business

In this 10-minute read: The 5 most effective traditional marketing methods for small businesses Why you need to get your …

Feb 28, 2020

 Why your small business needs a blog—and how to get value from it

In this 6-minute read: Does your small business still need a blog in today’s market? What value does a business …

Feb 25, 2020

10 helpful small business resources in Houston, TX

In this 5-minute read: Top local business resources for Houston area  Starting your own business can be a challenge, but …

Feb 21, 2020

6 proven methods to improve your business’s online reputation

In this 5-minute read: Provide a memorable customer experience Improve your website Get regular online reviews (and respond to them) …

Feb 21, 2020

How big is Mardi Gras for New Orleans restaurants, bars, and lounges?

In this 7 minute read, learn: What are the top 5 days of the year for local restaurants, bars and …

Feb 21, 2020

Helping small businesses compete through API management (Google Cloud Blog)

Feb 19, 2020

What to do when you get a fake Google review of your business

In this 5-minute read: How to tell if a review is fake How to respond to fake reviews How to …

Feb 19, 2020

Top local Washington, DC business resources

In this 5-minute read: 11 best local resources for Washington, DC businesses The nice thing about starting your own business …

Feb 18, 2020

Best options for designing or updating your small business logo

In this 6-minute read: Best practices for logo design and branding Where to start Options for your logo creation Your …

Feb 14, 2020

MRM Research Roundup: Mid-February 2020-Valentine’s Day Edition (Modern Restaurant Management)

Feb 14, 2020

Do restaurants get less love on Valentine’s Day? (CBS News)

Feb 14, 2020

How much do tattoo parlors make? (And the most popular tattoo days of the year)

In this six-minute read: How much do tattoo parlors make on a typical day? Which days of the week are …

Feb 14, 2020

The top days for local restaurant sales: Report (Fox Business)

Feb 13, 2020

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