Reputation Defense

Protect your online business reputation.

Get alerts when customers review your business

Know what your customers are saying about your business


Act fast to improve your reputation

Protect your business’ reputation by reporting spam, false, and inappropriate reviews

Reply to reviews to minimize the impact of bad reviews and thank those who compliment your business

Measure the impact of online ratings

See how changes in your online reputation impact your revenue

Find out which ratings sites are most used by your customers

Compare your reputation trends to other similar businesses

Reputation Defense makes it easy to read and respond to all your reviews in one place.


Use Reputation Defense online to...

  • filter reviews from reputation sites like Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, and Foursquare

  • find reviews using simple filters

  • reply to reviews in seconds 

  • report inappropriate content

  • discuss reviews with your employees to understand customer complaints

Check your email for...

  • alerts when you receive a new review online so you can act on it immediately

  • changes in your online star ratings that could impact revenue

  • weekly and monthly summaries of ratings and reviews so you can discuss changes with your staff